Download the I’m A Celeb App!

“I’m told by the lovely young man who delivers our post that there’s this thing called an I’m A Celeb app, and you can “download” it to your phone. I have to say I’ve tried calling up the operator multiple times Margaret, but they don’t seem to know anything about it!”

“You silly sausage Mabel, you download it on your mobile like I showed you last year, and this year it’s bigger and better than ever! We’ll still be able to vote for our favourite campmates, but this year’s app also includes “Dinner Dash” a devilishly tricky game where you have to guide little techno of us through the jungle to collect chips, roasties and Yorkshires for the hungry campmates – but be careful not to let us fall in.

And if all of that makes you feel a bit peckish, then why not head over to the Aunt Bessie’s MySupermarket shelf, where you’ll find the whole range of our delicious food!”


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