Good food, great choice, happy customers: what's not to like?


Foodservice is where we made our name

Although we’re a familiar name in retail, we built our brand in foodservice. In 1974, Butlins asked us to supply their holiday camps with frozen Yorkshire puddings. We obviously said yes. And we’ve been using the same tried and true recipe ever since.

It wasn’t long after that we started supplying to Iceland, under the name of Tryton Foods. Then to other major British supermarket chains from the mid 90s, when we officially launched the Aunt Bessie’s brand.


From schools to street food: who we work with

We serve a huge range of public and retail sectors. From schools, hotels and hospitals, to street food businesses, big name supermarkets and frozen food specialists. And we can help you with the business side of things, too. Production, technical, marketing, supply chain: you name it, we do it.


Miles more than Yorkshire pudding

We make 20 million Yorkshire puddings a week. And in all shapes and sizes – from mini to giant and everything in between. It’s no wonder we have the nation’s #1 selling Yorkshire pudding. But that’s not the only thing we do.

Our Triple A accredited factory exports a whole range of wholesale products worldwide. Potato, sweet potato and vegetable chips and fries. Sunday roast staples like roasted potatoes, dumplings and stuffing. And if you need one-off products, we can do that too.


Bring out the best in your meals

We still make the classics, just as they should be. But times change. You change. So today, we offer you more ways than ever to get the best out of your meals, any day of the week.

Like the giant Yorkshire pudding wraps and pizzas being talked about on social media. Or recipes for roasted potato curry, bunless burger with gluten-free fries, fish fingers and vegetable chips, potato and brie tray bake, and much, much more.


If it’s fresh and tasty, it’s good enough for us

Our recipes are as close to homemade as you can get. We never use artificial colours or flavours like MSG, and we only ever use the best quality ingredients. From free range eggs, to British and Irish beef and pork, to sustainably sourced cocoa and palm oil. And we’re always working to reduce sugar in our foods in support of Public Health England.

Waste not, want not

When it comes to sourcing food, we like to play it straight. Except for our veg. Our wonky carrots and swedes are just as fresh and taste just as good. Plus, they help cut down on food waste. As for our packaging, our cardboard is sustainably-sourced from FSC or PEFC approved factories. Our ultimate goal is to use 100% recycled packaging by 2025. In fact, we’re over halfway there already.

Frozen is fresher

When you freeze food like we do, you’ll never need to add artificial additives or preservatives. Just freeze when the ingredients are at their freshest, and they’ll stay that way for months. We like to think of it as nature’s preservative: the most natural way to keep food at its best for longer.

How you can stock Aunt Bessie’s

Tell us about your business, what you’re after, and the best email or number to get you on. We’ll be in touch soon about how we can do business together. Fill in our contact form here.