The Aunt Bessie's way

Bringing out the best in you

We still make the classics, just as they should be. But times change. You change.

So today, we offer more ways than ever to get the best out of your meals, any day of the week. From roast dinner staples, to quick and easy midweek wins, to deliciously different carb swaps.

Because it helps make your life a little easier, a bit happier, and a lot tastier. Because it’s what Bessie would do.

Our take on the frozen food debate

We think frozen is fresher. Just freeze when the ingredients are at their freshest, and they’ll stay that way for months.

We like to think of it as nature’s preservative: the most natural way to keep food at its best for longer. It’s also a great way to reduce waste, which reminds us…


Waste not, want not

When it comes to sourcing food, we like to play it straight. Except for our veg. Our wonky carrots and swedes are just as fresh and taste just as good. Plus, they help cut down on food waste.

As for our packaging, our cardboard is sustainably-sourced from FSC or PEFC approved factories. Our ultimate goal is to use 100% recycled packaging by 2025. In fact, we’re over halfway there already.