Where do our vegetables come from?

We source our vegetables in different regions as they’re dependent on the climate, water, fertile soil and natural sunlight.

We follow nature’s natural growing cycles when we harvest most of our vegetables. That allows us to harvest at the best time and flash freeze to preserve the vitamins and minerals - making frozen vegetables just as nutritious as fresh vegetables.

Did you know that some of the tastiest broccoli comes from Spain and our famous Birds Eye Garden Peas & Petits Pois are grown in Britain?

We grow sustainably for future generations

Here at Aunt Bessie's we grow our vegetables with love. For us that means being able to offer high quality nutritious food that’s good for both you and our planet. We work the land and grow the crop in a sustainable way to make sure that our vegetables will still be available for future generations.

As much as two thirds of our vegetables are already grown according to our Sustainable Agriculture Policy. But we don’t want to stop there! We recently joined the SAI Platform which is the leading global initiative devoted to developing sustainable agriculture for food production. As part of our commitment to the future we are implementing FSA (Farm Sustainability Assessment) across all our vegetables. The environmental management of all our UK pea field operations is currently assessed according to the LEAF Sustainable Farming Review.

Our Target
100% of our vegetables from sustainable farming practices by the end of 2025

Focusing on:

  • Maximizing food yield and nutritional quality whilst keeping resource inputs and wastage as low as possible
  • Responsibly managing soil fertility, water, and biodiversity
  • Enabling local communities to maintain or improve their wellbeing and the environment they operate in

Find out more about how we source our vegetables here.