Aunt Bessie's Roasted Potatoes

Not just for Sunday dinner, the humble roast potato can make or break any meal. Whether you’re putting on a buffet, serving up a Patatas Bravas, or plating alongside meat and veg, your roasties will always be the centre of attention. For easy roast potatoes done right every time, any day of the week, it’s got to be Aunt Bessie’s.

Winner of the Good Housekeeping best ready-made roast potatoes for Christmas 2021! 

"Aunt Bessie's couldn't have made it easier to achieve perfect spuds every time. The brand's roasties are coated and pre-fried, ready to be cooked from frozen in 30 minutes. Fluffy and soft on the inside, with a golden crisp outer crunch, our testers praised the creamy, sweet taste and homemade appearance." 

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