Dreamy Desserts To Pair With Creamy Instant Custard

What to have custard with

Dreaming of velvety and luscious custard? Well, here at Aunt Bessie’s we’ve got the perfect desserts to pair with creamy instant custard!


1. Apple crumble and custard

Looking for a classic British dessert with instant custard? Well, we’ve got the perfect dessert for you! Make way for apple crumble and custard, a sweet tooths delight. Simple to make and gone in a matter of minutes. Pair spicy and warming apple crumble with silky layers of custard, for a tempting dessert. Scrumptious and satisfying, without the faff!

2. Apple pie with custard

Nothing beats a warm slice of apple pie after a Sunday roast. It hits all the right spots! Our apple pie is bursting with crisp apples and tastes divine when paired with velvety instant custard. Better yet the golden, buttery shortcrust pastry is to die for! It’s even easier to make, with little to no fuss. Simply glaze the apple pie in milk and sugar and it’s ready to be baked to perfection. All that’s left to do it dig in! All that’s left to do it dig in!

3. Chocolate sponge with custard

Revisit your childhood with our chocolate sponge dessert. It’s sure to bring back fond memories. This pud is oh so gooey and decadent to say the least. Picture a soft chocolate sponge covered in a decadent chocolate sauce. Magnificently mouth-watering and oh so simple to make. Simply pop in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, depending on your microwave wattage. Once hot serve alongside thick and creamy instant custard!

4. Sticky toffee pudding and custard

Are you craving a winter pudding that warms your soul? Well, you’re in for a treat with this delectable delight. Our sticky toffee pud requires minimal effort and pairs perfectly with luscious instant custard! Imagine a moist date sponge topped with a rich toffee sauce. There’s no way you’re leaving the table without having two servings.

5. Jam roly poly with custard

Our jam roly-poly is comforting, simple to make, and delicious with custard. Wrapped in a rich suet pastry and layered in a sweet and tangy jam, it’s sure to serve a treat! Great news too, it’s a breeze to make. Simply pop in the oven at 180°C for 40 minutes. Once golden brown, serve thick slices alongside warm and creamy instant custard. Delicious!

6. Lemon sponge pudding with custard

A light and zesty sponge pudding perfect for summer. Imagine a fluffy vanilla sponge covered in sweet and tangy lemon sauce, topped off with creamy custard. It’s a real crowd pleaser and bound to leave you wanting more! Hurrah to stress free family dessert fun!

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