Glorious Yorkshire Pudding meals to serve up for supper

A roast dinner feels incomplete without a trusty and humble Yorkshire Pudding. But did you know there are so many things to be done with this British delicacy. From a Yorkshire pudding wrap to a sweet Yorkshire pudding dessert, we’ve got plenty of meal ideas to tickle your fancy. It’s time we take these trusty classics from the side-line and into the spotlight. They deserve all the glory!

So, whether you’re looking to shake up your Sunday roast or get creative with our range of Yorkshire puddings,  read on for some meal inspiration. Or should we say Yorkspiration!

1. The Giant Yorkshire pudding roast dinner

Take your roast dinner to the next level, with a Giant Yorkshire Pudding. It’s the perfect base for your roast and will be a showstopper at your next family dinner. Load up your pud with all your favourite roast dinner staples. From juicy cuts of meat, to crispy roast potatoes and a selection of vegetables, all glazed off with a lip-smacking gravy. Now that’s a roast dinner with a twist!

Are you a veggie? Give these vegetarian Yorkshire pudding filling ideas a go. There’s something for everyone! Try pairing your Giant Yorkshire pud with our honey glazed parsnips, sage and onion stuffing and a ton of gravy. Delicious!

2. The beef filled Yorkshire pudding casserole

Teatime just got better with this beef filled Yorkshire pudding casserole. It’s easy to make and you won’t be sacrificing on flavours. Pop your Yorkshire puddings into the oven and load up with a comforting beef stew. Make sure to get all the juices, that’s where all the flavours are! Pair this homely delight with our homestyle chips and you’re good to go. Looking for some more Yorkshire pudding filling ideas? Check out our Yorkshire pudding pies recipe page. Yummy!

3. The Yorkshire pudding wrap 

Looking for a way to spice up your lunchtime? Yorkshire pudding wraps are here to save the day! Simply heat up your giant Yorkshire pudding in the oven and flatten with a rolling pin once cooked. Add in succulent cuts of pork, salad of choice, tangy apple sauce and some gravy to top it all off. Word of advice, eat these quickly as they will be gone in minutes! If you like the sound of these Yorkshire pudding wraps, then check out our recipe for chicken gyros in a Yorkshire pud, we guarantee you are going to love them!

4. The Yorkshire pudding pizza 

Introducing the Yorkshire pudding pizza. A spin on an Italian classic! Top our golden Yorkshire puddings with tangy tomato sauce, mozzarella, and toppings of your choice. You could go for a meat feast pizza or for our veggies out there, a classic margherita with olives. There are endless Yorkshire pudding filling possibilities. Place into a hot oven and you’re left with a thin crust cheesy delight. Now we’re really getting hungry!

5. The sweet Yorkshire pudding dessert

 Yes, you heard us right, Yorkshire puds for dessert. Now don’t knock it till you try it; you don’t know what you’re missing out on! Our Yorkshire puddings make the perfect base for any sweet treat. Why not try Yorkshire pudding profiteroles? Fill your cooked Yorkshire puds with fluffy whipped cream, sweet chocolate sauce and a dash of icing sugar. These are guaranteed to be your go to Yorkshire pudding dessert! Experiment with different sweet Yorkshire pudding fillings to find the one that hits the spot!

Now that your mouth is watering, what are you waiting for? Get onto the Yorkshire pudding hype! Check out our guide to making the perfect Yorkshire puddings for more inspiration!