Tasty and Moreish Roast Potato Meals

Picture this: you’re all set for your Sunday roast, but alas something is missing! Can you guess what it is? Well, it has a crispy, golden exterior with a soft and fluffy centre. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? If roast potatoes instantly came to mind, then you’re correct! A Sunday dinner would be incomplete without it.

However, the humble roast potato isn’t just reserved for a roast! With endless combinations, there’s a reason this versatile vegetable is loved by many. So, whether you love your roast potatoes as a side, or on their own with lots of gravy, here are some roast potato meals to try for your next family dinner.

P.S: If the thought of preparing perfect roast potatoes from scratch, makes you want to run and hide, don’t fret. Here at Aunt Bessie’s, we’ve got you covered. With our delicious roasties doing the heavy lifting for you, as well as our handy tips and tricks on how to cook the best roast potatoes, you’ll be done in a jiffy. Hurrah!  Crispy roast potatoes for the win!

Our delicious types of roast potatoes

Classic roast potatoes

Here are Aunt Bessie’s we know a thing or two about roast potatoes, but we also get that they are a hard thing to master. So, our classic roast potatoes are a life saver and a breeze to make. Imagine a perfectly fluffy centre with a delicious golden-brown crunch. Yummy!

Mini roasties

Our mini roasties are perfect for side dishes, midnight snacks and anything in between. But between us, one portion is never enough, and you may even finish off the whole bag!

Duck fat roast potatoes

These decadent potatoes are perfect for special occasions! Our duck fat roast potatoes are simply magnificent and perfectly crispy, and will always leave you wanting more.


What to have with roast potatoes

Roast potatoes go with just about anything, whether it’s hearty Sunday roast or for a quick snack. Here are a few meal ideas to get you started.

1. Roasted sausage with fluffy roast potatoes

Looking for a hot and tasty midweek meal? Well, it’s your lucky day because our sausage casserole packs a punch and requires little to no effort. Who doesn’t love a quick and easy meal? Simply plate up juicy pork sausages with mini roast potatoes, velvety gravy and top with freshly ground pepper for a heart-warming dinner.

2. Sunday roast with simple roast potatoes

Get the family together with this classic British meal with roasted potatoes. That’s right, you guessed it - a delicious Sunday roast dinner with all the trimmings. Pair juicy cuts of roast chicken (or your preferred meat!) with duck fat roasted potatoes, honey glazed parsnips and stuffing for delightful dinner. It’s simply delicious!

3. Honey glazed pork belly with fluffy roast potatoes

Crackling pork calling out your name? Well, we don’t blame you because it’s what dreams are made of. Serve succulent cuts of pork belly with fluffy roast potatoes, parsnips and a drizzle of gravy. It’s the perfect way to bring in the weekend!

4. Leg of lamb with simple roast potatoes

Are you stuck for ideas on what to have with roast potatoes? Don’t worry because our succulent leg of lamb dish is here to save the day! It’s sure to please the fussiest of eaters. Plate up tender cuts of lamb alongside simple roast potatoes, sweet parsnips, and a generous helping of gravy. It’s the ultimate roast potato meal!

5. Steak and fluffy roasted potatoes

If the thought of steak gets your mouth watering, this roast potato meal is perfect for you. It hits all the right spots and will leave you wanting more! Try juicy seared steak with a side of crispy and fluffy roast potatoes, parsnips, and a peppercorn sauce. Will you go for a rib eye, sirloin or rump? The choice is yours!

6. Roast duck with simple roast potatoes

Pull out all the stops with this decadent roast potato meal . It’s perfect to serve up at a dinner party or on the days where you’re feeling a bit fancy! Pair rich and juicy roasted duck breasts with classic roast potatoes, Yorkshire puds and a side of vibrant vegetables. Voila dinner is served!


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